Expecting Parents

Expecting Parents
Expecting Parents


Gila Valley Clinic is proud to offer Obstetrical services to expectant mothers. As a clinic with 4 female Family Medicine providers who are extensively trained in Obstetrics, our doctors are highly experienced in providing both routine prenatal care and high risk prenatal care. Our providers are experienced and comfortable performing vaginal deliveries, C-sections and VBAC births. We are happy to accommodate our mother's requests to provide them with the best birth experience possible while ensuring the safety of both mom and baby.

An early OB ultrasound will be performed by your doctor at your first prenatal visit and you will be able to hear your babies heartbeat and take home the first picture of your baby! Limited ultrasounds can also be performed here in our office throughout the pregnancy if the physicians feel it is needed.

For our high risk expectant mothers; our providers are highly experienced in managing high risk prenatal care and deliveries. The GVC providers work side by side with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialty group from Tucson who specialize in high risk pregnancy and delivery. TMC Obstetrics travels to Safford weekly allowing our moms to receive specialized high risk care without having to travel out of town. Thanks to our partnership with TMC Obstetrics, GVC is able to continue to provide excellent and safe care to our high risk mothers while allowing them to continue their prenatal care and experience their delivery here in their home town.

In addition, GVC also provides postpartum care for our moms and newborns in the hospital and in the clinic. We offer a variety of birth control options including, but not limited to, Nexplanon, IUD's, and tubal ligations - both immediately postpartum or anytime thereafter. After welcoming your little one we are also proud to offer the services of Graham County's only Pediatrician and our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, both who specialize in children's health from birth to age 18.


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